Poptastic Lyrics Challenge Game

Poptastic Lyrics Challenge Game

Love pop lyrics? Why not test your memory with the Poptastic Lyrics Challenge game! Ten random lyrics questions taken from the decade(s) of your choice - just tell us the song and artist!

Select Your Decade(s) Below For 10 Random Pop Lyrics Questions

Click the start button to generate your ten random questions and start your quiz.
We will show you 10 lyrics taken from hit pop songs, your task is to name the song & artist for each lyric shown.

Poptastic Lyrics Challenge - About This Pop Quiz

  • You can customise your lyrics challenge by selecting / deselecting decades.
  • For a tougher challenge, leave all the boxes ticked for a random selection of with pop lyric questions taken from songs from all decades.
  • To help you, we also show you the decade that each song lyric is taken from.
  • Songs often have cover versions - the answer we are looking for is the best-known or original artist for that song.
  • Play over and over again! You'll be shown 10 random questions each time you play, so you can test your lyrics know-how any time!
  • Sure, you can cheat and use Google.... but where would be the fun in that? Enjoy!

Good Luck!

This quiz generates random questions each time you play, so don't forget to bookmark this page so that you can play again!

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